Rookie Gi

A new kind of Jiu-Jitsu apparel company

An entrepreneur approached me to design an identity for her startup, Rookie Gi Workshop. A practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu, she saw the need for a uniform that fits the female form more practically than current male-oriented designs. She envisioned a scrappy brand that stood out from other Jiu Jitsu uniform brands and reflected its birthplace in Raleigh.

Rookie Gi logo.

Badge for the Wilderness

Wilderness Expedition sticker for the Caldwell Fellows

An NC State scholarship program, the Caldwell Fellows, has a Wilderness expedition program that enables students to go on a Outward Bound-esque trip to the Sierra Nevadas or Utah’s canyons during their college career. I designed a sticker to raise money for the fund that makes this life changing college program possible.


Logo Ideation for a Raleigh-based producer

A fresh visual identity for a music producer in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Ancora” means “anchor” or “still” in Italian. It also means “again” (encore).


Rebrand for a nonprofit STEM summer camp for rural NC youth

NC State’s Science And Technology Enriching Lifelong Leadership In Tomorrow’s Endeavors (SATELLITE) summer program has introduced over 600 students from under-funded rural North Carolina high schools to science and technology. The camp logo needed an update, so the director reached out to me to do a pro bono logo for the program.

Personal Brand

Bethany Faulkner design

Every graphic designer gets a kick out of branding themselves. I wanted my personal mark to be clean, free flowing, and clever. My first and last initials are the same stroke in cursive, which I used to my advantage in my personal mark.

Photograph of conference booklet with handwriting and profile image of the alumni who wrote handwritten response.

Conference on Leadership & Authenticity

Branding system design for a university conference.